VenueMagic™ Version 3.0 Now Available as 90-day Beta Trial

Weigl and Entertainment Sciences Group are proud to present VenueMagic SC+ 3.0, available now as a public 90-day BETA trial. This trial is fully functional for all users. Following this 90-day trial, existing Weigl & VenueMagic SC+ 2.6.xx customers will have the option to upgrade at a discounted price.








New features include:

  • New Dark Theme.  Many of the VenueMagic screens have been redesigned to provide a more modern look and feel.
  • Timeline Page Tabs let you divide your timeline into multiple pages to make it easier to program timelines with a large number of tracks.  Pages can overlap so that the same tracks appear on different pages.  Play back one page at a time or all of them at once.
  •  Collapsible Tracks allow you to show individual timeline tracks at different heights, depending on the level of detail you wish to see.  When fully collapsed, a track shows a minimal amount of information, allowing more tracks to be displayed on the screen at once.
  • Group Tracks let you combine multiple timeline tracks into a single group track so that the tracks are only visible when the group is expanded
  • Audio Mix-down provides the ability to mixdown all of the audio tracks in a timeline to a single audio file.  Includes auto-attenuation feature to prevent saturation and clipping.
  • Record DMX with Time code.  The DMX record feature no allows you to use and external time base while recording.  Includes SMPTE (over serial), ProCommander PHX (over UDP), ProCommander LTC (UDP) and MIDI time code.
  •  New VenueMagic Plug-in Framework allows more flexibility for interfacing with hardware such as slider consoles, timeline shuttle controls, etc…  Plug-ins also add “specialized” features to VenueMagic including automatic channel and timeline setup.  Plug-ins will be announced as they become available.
  • Enhanced DMX recording features and data capture improvements.
  • Stability and performance enhancements.
  • Control.ini external reference now available for all Weigl devices for advanced scripting via the Weigl ASCII protocol. 

Additional information and download links are available here: VenueMagic 3.0




About VenueMagic™

VenueMagic™ is the premier Show Control Solution on the market today. VenueMagic™ has customers in over 20 different countries worldwide ranging from professionals in live production, animatronic character control, exhibit creation to semi-professional and home users. The timeline based interface was revolutionary in its initial release and has set the standard for other solutions to follow. By providing Video, Audio, fixture and lighting control in the same programming and playback
interface, VenueMagic™ becomes the complete solution wherever the production includes more than one of these aspects.