ProCommander® AX

Available Soon. Palm-sized, full featured controller w/Wi-Fi, Polyphony, CAN-Open & RS-485, optical and analog audio out, on-board amplifier, dual Ethernet, discrete I/O and more!

ProCommander® HX

Available Soon. 8 Channels of uncompressed audio with full polyphony. 75w Class-D amplification, digital motor support (CAN, RS-485 & more) onboard.

ProCommander® VX

Available Soon. 4x Uncompressed audio channels w/Polyphony, Dual 1080p or single 4k frame synced video with seamless loop and interactivity. 75w Class-D amplifier. 

The ProCommander® Series features solid-state show controllers built for playback of synchronous audio, video, animation, lighting, and mechanical action. The controllers’ flexible architecture options and open control protocols allow inspired attractions to be designed without hardware limitations.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, the ProCommander® X Series provides advanced networking, polyphony, digital motor control and more, utilizing familiar Weigl timelines and our continually evolving ASCII logic structure. Mix and match your favorite Pro I/O™ modules, integrate external lighting or media interfaces and build your show in Conductor or Showforge™ in real-time.

Our most powerful controllers yet, these ProCommanders provide what’s needed to accommodate today’s most interactive project spaces. Available Soon.

ProCommander® AX

ProCommander® HX

ProCommander® VX



The most advanced micro-animation controller ever created, with dual network interfaces, Wi-Fi, locking full duplex RS-485 and CAN-bus connections. 


Our latest flagship controller offers 8 balanced, amplified polyphonic audio channels and adds additional capability for effect channels, paging and dynamic background track routing.




This video based ProCommander® contains 4-channel amplified polyphonic, uncompressed audio, combined with frame locked, seamless looping dual channel 1080p or single channel 4K video playback.

The ProCommander® AX is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but powerful enough to control a complete exhibit. Designed around motion control, this stereo unit with polyphony, dual network jacks and 2.4/5 ghz Wi-Fi is unique in it’s class. 


  • 512 channels of DMX output
  • 2.4 GHZ & 5 GHZ Wi-Fi
  • 4 Inputs (Analog or Digital)
  • 4 Output (Analog or Digital)
  • High powered on-board Class-D stereo amp
  • Dual Ethernet Onboard
  • Mounts in 1/4 rack space or DIN rail (sold separately)
  • Integrated MicroSD storage for audio/timeline data
  • High power MOSFET Transistors
  • Locking CAN-open connection for digital motor control
  • Full-Duplex RS-485
  • Uncompressed .WAV audio
  • High Contrast graphic OLED display (Simulated in Photo)

Technical Highlights:

  • Network jack for UDP control messaging, configuration, firmware updates and show file uploads
  • Play up to 22 timelines (4 audio playback streams concurrently) to allow management of a variety of tasks around your exhibit
  • Powerful Class-D amplifier provides in-place amplification throughout the exhibit space
  • Sophisticated scripting language in addition to easy to use timeline software provides powerful control options

The ProCommander® HX is the most advanced media driven animation controller we’ve ever built. Engineered using the highest level of quality standards, this controller supports a wide variety of industry standard motion control protocols, combined with 8 fully polyphonic, uncompressed audio outputs and 75W class-D amplifiers. 



  • 16 digital outputs, configurable for PNP or NPN switching
  • 8 fully polyphonic audio playback channels
  • SMPTE In/Out
  • Full color touchscreen for setup and show operation control
  • 16 inputs, multiple configurations
  • 3 RS-232 serial ports (1 RS-485 capable w/Full Duplex)
  • 512 channels of DMX in/out
  • 4 Analog outputs
  • 4 GPIO software configurable expansion option
  • On-board Dual Ethernet
  • High power MOSFET Transistors
  • Mounts in 1/2 rack space
  • High powered 75w, 8-Channel on-board class-D amp
  • Dual Mic input and line input with dynamic paging/ducking abilities
  • 2 effects channels (non-polyphony) for additional audio capability
  • Integrated DMX merger with LTP, HTP modes
  • Integrated SD/SLC storage for audio/timeline data
  • CAN-Open for direct digital motor control
  • Optical audio output
  • Balanced audio output (via DB-25 Tascam harness, XLR, 1/4″ or terminal strips & more available)

Technical Highlights:

  • DMX merging, input and systems integration – eliminate additional hardware
  • Dual Network jacks for UDP messaging and show file uploads
  • Full polyphony and audio routing for dynamic synced audio spaces
  • User configurable serial ports (3) allow for both input and output integrations with legacy and industrial show devices
  • Powerful 75W Class-D amplifier provides in-place amplification throughout the exhibit space
  • DMX show start tracking (start shows at 30%, 50% DMX value etc.)
  • DMX & Artnet output mapping for digital, analog, PWM and servo outputs
  • Sophisticated scripting language in addition to easy to use timeline software provides powerful control options



The ProCommander® VX is a first of its class solid-state show controller featuring 4x polyphonic audio and dual 1080p or single 4k frame synced video in a single rack space animation controller. The real-time dynamic layering of audio tracks allows for unprecedented programming opportunities. 


Ideal For:

  • Synchronized Lighting
  • Animatronics
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Timeline Driven Shows
  • Standalone Playback
  • Mixed media exhibits
  • Synchronized multi-channel audio playback, up to 4-channels with polyphony

Outstanding Features:

  • Polyphonic Audio Layering
  • UDP Audio Mix, Level, Tone Control
  • SMPTE Timecode In & Out
  • Dual 1080p or single 4k interactive, frame synced video playback

Technical Highlights:

  • 16 configurable outputs (NPN/PNP)
  • 16 configurable inputs
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports (1 RS-485 w/full duplex)
  • 512 channels of DMX input
  • 512 channels of DMX output
  • On-board Ethernet/Network Ready
  • 75W high power class-D 4-channel integrated amplifier
  • Integrated DMX merger with LTP, HTP modes
  • DMX show start tracking (start shows at 30%, 50% DMX value etc.)
  • Integrated MicroSD memory card storage for audio/timeline data
  • Onboard storage for video content
  • Sophisticated scripting language in addition to easy to use timeline software provides powerful control options


ProCommanders® are configurable through our free Hardware Configurator, replacing complicated command prompts with a simple user interface. For more advanced programming, you can use a supported timeline programming application to program and playback synchronous audio, video, animation and lighting. 

An asynchronous command structure employs UDP messaging through simple ASCII and HEX commands, opening integration possibilities to nearly any available system—and enabling you to build innovative, interactive exhibits.

 Once a show is programmed, ProCommanders® can store all shows on a single memory card. All shows can be managed by either the onboard serial ports or through our bi-directional ASCII command protocol via UDP.