ConductorPro™ is a timeline-based show control programming and production application. It starts with a familiar non-linear editor for audio and video media and then adds timeline driven analog, digital, serial, DMX-512, PWM, RS-232 and UDP outputs. It’s the perfect design for creative professionals who want to spend more time creating and less time programming.

    Download to any ProCommander™ device. 


   Stream to any Pro I/O™ device.

    Expand to ShowSource media servers.

Once your show is complete, leave the playback tied to your programming machine via our Pro I/O™ modules, or download  timelines to any of our ProCommander™ Series hardware for solid state playback attraction wide. Project involve 2k, 4k, or 3-D video output? Upgrade to a ShowSource media server and maintain full resolution playback and flexible programming while accommodating on the fly content changes. 

Live Data Recording

Conductor Pro enables you to record automation and animation live and in-sync with your audio and video elements. Our own real-time, linear record interface ensures efficient programming of your show. Built around animatronics and show action equipment, this component is critical to programming a believable animated show experience.

External devices such as Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, MIDI faders and consoles are easily mapped, as well as any game controllers or human interface devices. Latch on to any single or multiple output channels and program your show in real-time. Punch In/Out can be set per group – allowing you to record to all or single channels.

Input values can be scaled or inverted and you can define ease-in and out times for devices with no force feedback, to avoid any jumps in the recording data. 

When you’ve finished your main programming, simply toggle back to the timeline for greater accuracy and precision on critical frame editing.

Media Rich File Integration

Using ConductorPro and the ProCommander Series enables you to build your hardware interactions and directly embed them into your media asset programming. ConductorPro gives you direct access to input and output digital/analog I/O, serial and UDP commands. With ConductorPro, it’s easy to know exactly what is happening to your media and in your timeline when an input closes.

Offline Editing

Import video and have a frame accurate preview for offline editing.

Fast & Feature Rich Analog Point/Curve Editing

Use quick smoothing tools and pencil creation drawing, or select specific points and use scaling, shifting, interpolations or optimization engines to fully tune your complex analog integration. ConductorPro features CSV and library portability for all analog curve data created. This provides rapid re-use and tweaking of data across similar movements or lighting control playback.  Just looking for rapid sine/square or hand drawn repeatable motion? Reference tracks and our unique pencil tool give you complete control of the drawing curve. 

Edit Fast. Edit Simple. Deploy Accurately.


One Interface, Countless Opportunities

ConductorPro offers synchronous lighting, animation, show action and control data with audio and video playback through one simple and eloquent interface. The timeline interface remains consistent regardless of the digital or analog device you need to control. Need to change an address, output resolution or other hardware parameter? No problem. All assets are configurable at a global level, reducing programming redundancies.

Color Channel

LED lighting has introduced us to a revolution in creating color on the fly. Using ConductorPro, show designers can implement an exact RGB value from a timeline video frame, still image or other show media file. You can pick the color from the familiar designer’s palette, and the value is mixed through your RGB fixture. Imagine editing color in the physical world as easily as editing a digital file.

Need a slow fade between a specific red and blue value?  Simply set your color anchor points and stretch for duration. ConductorPro will tween all values for a smooth, adaptable color fade. From planetarium ceilings to projection surface color mixing, this unique feature helps even a lighting technology novice creatively manage these color mixing fixtures with ease.

Multi-Channel Audio Editing with Volume Control

Playback, edit and route audio to up to 16 audio channels. Use common file formats such as .WAV, . MP3 and even .OGG right from your Weigl MicroSD card. Mix-down multiple tracks for ProCommander playback export. Add keyframe volume levels by channel or entire group. Preview your creation with the hardware you have local. Down-mix temporarily or connect multi-channel hardware independent of your final show mix and routing. 

Keyframe Sliders

As an alternative to direct point manipulation, the keyframe sliders allow you to jump from point to point and adjust the value of the point with the slider.

Artnet & DMX Recording 

Working with a lighting designer who prefers their own console?

Monitor and Record up to 16 Artnet universes at once or a single universe of traditional DMX through a Weigl Pro I-O DMX or ProCommander 2 or better interface and assign the recorded data to any Artnet or Weigl DMX capable output device. The recorded data can also be extracted for editing.

Recording is synchronized either through Artnet or SMPTE Timecode (Weigl PHX or LX ProCommadner required) or recording can be triggered by the first changing DMX channel or by hitting a button.


Network Deployment To Onboard Storage 

ConductorPro and the ProCommander & Pro I/O Series permit delivery of your shows and system logic directly from the ethernet connection that you were using during programming of your shows. Our new network deployment feature tracks changes and updates show files, logic files and reference materials as they change with the simple click of a button. Save time and track versions of show easier with this powerful feature. 


Playback Options

ConductorPro and the ProCommander Series permit delivery of your finished shows for either direct timeline playback or output to a MicoSD card for standalone execution. Utilizing any of the ProCommander’s inputs, any timeline created in ConductorPro can be triggered as a synchronous show. While running up to 18 shows, you can use our simple-to-navigate UDP command list from your touchscreen controller or our interactive solution to issue any stacking of asynchronous commands simultaneously.

Is your project outgrowing our ProCommander and Pro I/O series? Seamlessly integrate your existing ConductorPro project with one of our high resolution ShowSource media servers. 2K, 4K, 3-D? All fully compatible with Pro I/O and show data from standalone ConductorPro projects.


Contact us for more information regarding ConductorPro, ShowSource and high-resolution media playback.

From simple single screen interactives to full 3-D dome theaters, ConductorPro, Weigl Hardware and the ShowSource media server has the power to grow with your collection of attractions. 

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