Where are your products made?

Product design and development for Weigl Controls is a joint effort between Weigl Works, LLC and Weigl GmbH & Co KG. Weigl GmbH & Co KG is located in Linz, Austria, with Weigl Works, LLC based out of Cleveland, OH. 

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

All hardware is backed by a minimum of one-year hardware warranty against defects. Some products and services are extended or excluded, with many core products carrying a two-year hardware warranty against defects. Please see the following for additional information: 

Do you offer technical support?

Complimentary telephone support is provided during normal business hours and covers all hardware-related inquiries. For the fastest response, you can email a technical representative at support@WeiglWorks.com.

Phone support is available at 440-941-5859, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. If you need support outside of this time period, please visit Support & Solutions Center.

An In-depth discussion about system design, integration or programming is available at an hourly or daily rate either by phone, video conference or on-site. Extended service plans are available.

Where does the name Weigl come from?

Weigl (WAY-GULL) is a connection to our hardware engineer and founder of the product line, Mr. Manfred Weigl.

Do you make animatronics or robots?

We do NOT make animatronics, robots, fog machines, moving lights or any of the other amazing things you might see come to life as a result of our controllers. However, we can recommend one of our excellent animation partners upon request. 

My Weigl hardware is not working. What do I do?

Our products are tough, but as with all electronics, sometimes they may not work properly. First, ensure your firmware is updated to the most recent version, which is found on our website and frequently updated. It is possible your problem was previously reported and is fixed in the latest firmware. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, send an email to support@WeiglWorks.com, or visit our support and solutions center and explain your issue. If the problem is software-related, provide the version number, firmware number and all files (Project and Timeline files) for fastest service. 

Can I buy your hardware in a brick and mortar store?

Currently, all sales are by phone (440-941-5849) and Internet only.

Can I demo your product before I buy?

We exhibit at the IAAPA Attractions Expo each November and at InfoComm in June. These conferences provide excellent opportunities to see our products and to receive one-on-one consultations about your control needs.

All first time buyers have a 30-day money back guarantee. Extended demos are available in special circumstances only.

VenueMagic offers a 15-day free trial download to evaluate the software with or without hardware connected.

ConductorPro offers a 1-minute timeline limited trial evaluation with or without hardware connected.

Is your hardware like an Arduino? Raspberry PI?

Arduino is a great open source platform and has many excellent qualities. Weigl products are a much more robust and professional platform with full technical support and continual product development by paid professionals. Our hardware can integrate with Arduino components on a show network when the Weigl Protocol is being used. Additionally, many of our Linux “heads up,” show monitors/displays can run on Raspberry PI hardware. A great compliment to the RTOS and embedded hardware of the Weigl show controllers.

I am a student interested in your products, but I can’t afford to buy one. Do you offer student prices?

We do offer educational programs for students enrolled in accredited courses related to show control. To qualify, you must present a proposal outlining your project objects and why a piece of Weigl hardware will help you accomplish your goals. Send your proposal to info@WeiglWorks.com.

I am an integrator that works with museums, FECs, etc. How can Weigl products help me?

Our hardware allows you to build reliable exhibits and attractions for your customers. Our products provide all the control opportunities you need, so you can spend more time focusing on your specific specialties and less time on the control integration.

I own a museum, FEC, etc. How can Weigl products help me?

Our hardware implementation allows facilities to implement sophisticated systems with simple and streamlined operations. Custom touch panels and triggering allow the system to be designed for daily operation with minimal staff training.

Programming can allow for automated start-up, shutdown and show scheduling to reduce staffing needs and eliminate errors.

Do you offer a quantity discount?

Quantity discounts are available at quantities of 25, 50 and 100 units in a single order. Call 440-941-5849 or email sales@WeiglWorks.com for specific pricing, or to inquire about becoming a dealer. 

I need rushed shipping. Help!

When items are in stock, we can generally ship them same day on orders received by 3:00 p.m. EST. All rush orders must be placed on a credit card in advance.

Are there any other software solutions besides Configurator, Showforge, VenueMagic SC+ or ConductorPro that I can use with your software?

The Weigl Protocol is open and free to download. Many custom applications have been written for controlling playback and hardware interaction. Any application capable of sending ASCII commands over UDP will work. However, for programming shows, VenueMagic SC+ and ConductorPro & Showforge remain the most popular options.

Where are some of your hardware solutions currently running?

We have a long list of exhibits and attractions powered by Weigl running around the world with new locations opening weekly. We often sell hardware six months or a year before an attraction opens to the public, so we may not know in what capacity our product is being used. Many of our high-profile clients also require very strict non-disclosure agreements.

Do you offer custom solutions?

Custom hardware solutions are available to meet your exact needs. A hardware minimum or development fee typically applies. Please contact sales@WeiglWorks.com to initiate a conversation.

Do you integrate with Crestron, AMX, Medialon, Alcorn McBride, or BrightSign?

We integrate with these systems on a daily basis. For many of the more common systems, a custom UDP, TCP or Serial driver or plug in has been developed for the purpose of integrating our systems together.

Even if we don’t offer something readily off the shelf for your integration needs, our entire show and I/O communications protocol is listed with usage examples and tutorials at our Support and Solutions Center, which allows about 90 percent of what most people need.

Beyond that, we are used to working directly with many of the manufacturers above and will help broker relationships on behalf of your project’s success when appropriate.

Additionally, we have a tight technical partnership with Alcorn McBride, providing high quality audio visual solutions, with precision animation and logic controls. Read More here: Weigl & Alcorn Partner.

That American Express commercial is really cool! How did you get to be in it?

Mostly luck. Weigl has been a long-time client of the American Express Business Gold Card, and we started using American Express’s ReceiptMatch application very early on, catching the eye of American Express. It was a great experience—the people at American Express and Ogilvy and Mather, its advertising agency, were extremely friendly and professional.