Hershey's Chocolate World

Characters By: Garner Holt Productions

ProCommander PHX

Together at Last!

Introducing Mac OS X & iOS Tools for Weigl Hardware

Weigl Hardware Configurator

Justice League

Created for Six Flags by: Sally Corporation

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Build A Better Escape With Weigl

Weigl controls are the first purpose built animation, targeting and effects controllers with integrated logic and game play capabilities.


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ProCommander LX™ & Pro I/O™ DMX , ConductorPro™

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Daniel Tiger's

Neighborhood Trolly Ride –  LF Creative Group

ProCommander Series™

Ice Palace Theater

Attraction created by: Sally Corporation for Chimelong

Learn More: Penguins on Parade

ConductorPro 2.0™

New recording and animation editing features now available!

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Calico Mine Ride

Characters by: Garner Holt Productions

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Great Wolf Lodge

Characters by: LF Creative – ProCommander LX™

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ProCommander LX™ &  Pro I/O™ Series

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CEC Entertainment

ProCommander LTC™ & Pro I/O™

Learn More: ProCommander™ Series

Prater Wien

ConductorPro, ProCommander LX™ and Pro I/O™ Series

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VenueMagic Version 3.0

15-Day Trial Version – NOW AVAILABLE!! 

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World of Experience – Digital motor control of 36 mirrors

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ProCommander Series

Solid-state show controllers built for playback of synchronous audio, video, animation, lighting, and mechanical action.


Pro I/O Series

Network devices for controlling and interfacing with many types of external equipment.

Hardware Configurator

Command central for all Weigl hardware. It provides simplified setup and diagnostic and comprehensive device-specific controls.


The tools and documentation you need to get your jobs done.

Whether your purpose is to entertain, to inform or to mesmerize, Weigl Works offers products to fuel your project. Used around the world, our electronic controllers turn inspired visions into magnificent realities. By developing advanced hardware solutions, Weigl Works provides interactive control technologies for themed entertainment, exhibits and attractions.

Weigl projects can operate stand-alone or can connect with applications running on a computer or on third-party devices. They can be programmed to receive input from a variety of sensors and can provide control for lights, motors, and other actuators. The Weigl platform operates with a variety of software applications, and our protocol is available for custom development. This allows the project—not the hardware—to dictate your best solution.

You want to delight, entice, amuse, and impress. Weigl Works provides the equipment to make it happen.

Escape Room Logic Examples

Enhancing your attraction with puzzles, shooting gallery's or other guest interactivity? ConductorPro™, ShowForge™ or VenueMagic™ seem easy, but the advanced game logic have you wishing you could escape? Weigl show control systems are the only purpose built animation...